Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Valentine's Day Countdown & Family Activity About God's Love

I was browsing on Pinterest this morning and found a great idea which we could use in our Children's Ministries - not only would children have fun with this in class, but when they take it home it will give their family the opportunity to focus on God's love the first half of February!

Basically the idea is for you to give each child fourteen hearts; each one is printed with a description of God's love and a Scripture verse. For example, one might say, "God's love is Unchanging - Numbers 23:19" - each paper heart has a different characteristic of God's love. 

To use this in your ministry, print a set of hearts for each child and hide the first one in your room; have children look for hearts - one for each of them. When each child has a heart, look up and read the Scripture verse and talk about how they will show God's love in their lives in the coming week. Send a set of hearts home with each child and tell them to ask their parents to hide a heart each day for them to find. Once they find a heart, they will talk about it with their families and hang it where they will see it and be reminded of God's love. If you follow this link you'll find a free printable and complete directions.

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