Thursday, January 15, 2015

VBS 2015 Top Two - Camp Discovery from Concordia Publishing & Give-Away!

Today we're looking at Camp Discovery from Concordia Publishing House! Concordia calls on children to discover how, "Jesus is at work through us!"

Camp Discovery
Concordia Publishing House

  1. Jesus gives me courage - God makes David bold - I Samuel 17:1-51
  2. Jesus gives me His wisdom - Deborah judges with God's wisdom - Judges 4:1-16
  3. Jesus saves me - God saves Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego - Daniel 3
  4. Jesus gives me faith - Jesus gives Bartimaeus sight - Mark 10:46-52
  5. Jesus gives me His love to share - God sends Ananias to Saul - Acts 9:1-19
Setting – Camp Discovery where children will find campfires, ca!mp signposts, tents, trees, camping gear woodland animals, blue sky, sunsets, a nighttime forest and a woodland path to hike.
Message – "Discover His plan! Discover His purpose! In Camp Discovery VBS, your children learn Jesus works in and through us! They'll learn Jesus saves us and gives us faith, courage and wisdom to help our family, friends and neighbors and to give God glory right now!"
Strengths –
  • Camp Discovery has a strong evangelistic emphasis
  • Excellent, creative and engaging lessons which do a tremendous job of engaging children in the Bible adventures.
  • I especially love the second part of each Bible lesson where children talk in teams about the lesson, what it means and how they live it - excellent!
  • I LOVE the "Big Timber Bible Challenge" station – LOVE how children focus on God's saving Word, learning it, understanding it and living it in their everyday lives and LOVE the science projects which help children remember the points!
  • Strong focus on the Bible and getting the kids into it!
  • Director’s book is easy to understand and covers almost everything you need to know as you plan, prepare and present your VBS
  • Love the "Daily Encouragement" ideas which connect with each day's point . . . you can use these with your volunteers during VBS!
  • Excellent and complete safety info - all publishers should include the info Concordia does!
  • Mission project involves children in raising money to help children in inner cities.
  • I LOVE the focus on helping children think of how they can serve God in many ways!
  • I am glad the student CD also includes a DVD of the songs - I'd still like to see more children of different races on the DVD and NO teens.
Would like to see –
  • More enthusiasm in the open/closing – object lessons, science projects, stunts – something to capture the children’s attention and get them thinking!
  • More craft ideas - especially inexpensive ideas which do not require craft kits.
  • While there are some activities to help kids take what they learned out of the church and live it in their everyday lives, every day, Concordia did a better job with these last year.
  • Information on how to involve special needs kids in the VBS - I'd like to see ideas spread throughout the curriculum.
Concordia says, "Concordia's fun, realistic Bible-based themes are built with a message which lasts, engaging and enriching kids for a lifetime. After the craft glue dries and the snacks are just crumbs, the treasure remains when children leave knowing their need for a Savior - and His name is Jesus. No fairy tales needed at this VBS. Now that's VBS with a Purpose!

If you are looking for a VBS with a strong evangelistic focus and a focus on challenging children who are believers; all with a theme which is thoroughly woven through each part of the day, take a good look at Camp Discovery! Concordia did an excellent job with Camp Discovery!

I'm very happy to say Concordia is making one of their Chester the Squirrel puppets available for me to give away (USA only)! If you are over the age of 18 and would like to be included in the drawing for the Super Starter Kit - which will be on January 29, 2015, please comment below to share something for which you would like to give God the glory. For me, I want to give God the glory for how He has answered my prayers!

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