Monday, February 9, 2015

A Month of Love - A True and Truly Humble View of Ourselves

I have noticed something over the years about some people who serve in ministry - not
just children's ministry, but any area of ministry. Some of us lose focus and a perspective which is true of ourselves. What do I mean by this? Consider the following . . . 
  • Some of us at least talk and act like we are on a higher "level" than everyone else.
  • Some of us at least talk and act like the words we say mean more than the words of everyone else. 
  • Some of us at least talk and act like we are able to see and know what everyone else thinks and should think.
  • Some of us at least talk and act like we are the only ones who can decide what is done, how it is done and who will do it.
  • Some of us at least talk and act like what we think should be done, or how we think something should be done, is the only way it can be done.
Basically, we lack a focus and perspective of ourselves which is true. When we do this, we absolutely do not show love. Period.

When any believer treats another in an unkind or superior way, it is hurtful and wrong, but when those of us in ministry do this it is even more damaging as it destroys trust. If we are serving in any area of ministry we are responsible for the people God has given us to serve. We must be focused and committed to talking and acting only in ways which build them up, point them to Jesus and help them grow in their walk with Him. There is absolutely no room for arrogance in those who are blessed to lead others in the children's ministry - or any area of the church.

This is something we do not talk about very often, but we need to. We need to remember the damage we can cause and we need to stay focused. If we are serving in children's ministry as a leader, we have been given a great blessing and gift from God. This gift and blessing was not given to us so we can harm others. Watch. Be alert. Stay focused and be a person who has a true and truly humble view of ourselves, because when we do, we will show love.

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