Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Continuity . . . Connect the Children's, Parent's and Family Ministries With Your Church!

If you have paid attention to be sure all areas of your children's ministry connect so the Sunday, Midweek, Summer and other ministries have continuity and are taking the time to connect the children's ministry with the parent's ministry, the last area to connect with is the other areas of your church! If your church is going to have a strong and healthy children's, parent's and family ministry, it is important for the entire church to know what is happening in these ministries. Consider the following . . . 
  • Be sure your senior pastor is "on board", knows what is happening in the children's ministry and shares from the pulpit on a regular basis the vision for the children's ministry along with the way it is impacting the lives of children, families and volunteers in your church
  • Make time each month for volunteers so they are able to share with the entire church what is happening in their area of ministry, how they have been able to see God work in the lives of children and how it changes their lives to serve in the children's ministry
  • Make time each month for families to share how the children's ministry - and the ministry of your church - is strengthening their families. Allow families to share what they are doing; how specific opportunities impacted their family, what they are learning and how they are serving others through your church.
  • Involve your children's ministry praise team - made up of children - in your "big" church praise time. Allow them to join your adult praise team at least once a quarter and give children an opportunity to share about what they are learning and how they have been able to live it in their lives
  • Add a flier to your bulletin each week highlighting the things the children are learning on Sundays- encourage everyone in the church to take a moment and talk with a child to ask them what they are learning and how they lived it in their lives
  • Pray, pray, pray - make a flier each month highlighting the children's ministry and ask families to put it on their table at home so they can pray - ask everyone to be praying for your children's ministry - for the children, the families and the volunteers!
These are just a few ideas, but whatever you decide to do, be sure to do something to help your entire church "catch" the vision for children's, parent's and family ministries and to "connect" everyone to the things which are happening in these ministries!

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