Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Benefits of Being Focused!

Image result for images for children knowing GodI've been writing about losing focus in our Children's Ministries and asked if our focus on "fun" ends us "cheapening" our faith. Today I want to think about the benefits of being intentional about staying focused on what really matters in our children's ministries. Consider the following . . . 
  • When we stay focused on what really matters, we will have a genuinely effective ministry.
  • When we stay focused on what really matters, we will be obeying God by telling others about Him and teaching them to know and walk with HIm.
  • When we sty focused on what really matters, the children in our ministries will learn to value God's Word and will grow in their walk with Him.
  • When we stay focused on what really matters, we will not be distracted by things which do not really matter.
  • When we stay focused on what really matters, we will be churches with children's ministries which glorify God!
I'm sure here are other benefits as well, but if these were the only "benefits" to staying focused on what really matters, they are enough.

As I have said a number of times as I wrote about being focused, I do believe in intentionally engaging children in our ministries. I absolutely do believe it is a positive thing for our children's ministries to be a place where children enjoy the time they spend there and where they want to be, but we have to be focused on what is most important so we do not get distracted by "fuff". We have to be certain we do not communicate to children or families the only reason to participate in our children's ministries is because they are "fun".  Knowing and walking with God is the most "fun" of anything we will ever do. Knowing and walking with God fills our lives with joy and nothing "current" or considered "fun" can even begin to compare with really knowing and walking with God! 

When we truly value knowing and walking with God and focus on helping children learn to do the same, our ministries will be genuinely effective and the children who are part of our ministries will grow to be adults who have a faith which is real and steadfast. And is this not why we serve in Children's Ministry?

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