Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Four Special Easter Books Give-Away & Resurrection Sunday Crafts for Everyone!

I was recently invited to participate in a special give-away which I'm holding on my other blog, grandma's cookie jar where one person will win four books from Zonderkidz! Yes, four books! 

I thought you might be interested in this give-away and the Resurrection Sunday crafts, so I'm posting here as well, but you will need to go to grandma's cookie jar at this link to enter the give-away. 

The books arrived for me to review yesterday, but I have to have the winner's information to Zonderkidz in one week, so this will be a short give-away. These books will make great additions to the baskets you give to your grandchildren, children or just as a special surprise! 

I love celebrating Resurrection Sunday, so along with this give-away, I'll include a couple fun crafts which you could include in your baskets - or use with your grandchildren, children or a Sunday School class. Let's begin with the books you will receive if you are the winner!

The Beginner's Bible Stories About Jesus
Illustrator - Kelly Pulley
Publisher - Zonderkidz
Ages - 2-5

Favorite Features -
  • Walks little ones through Jesus' life
  • Colorful illustrations children will enjoy
  • Sturdy board book - great for little ones!
Zonderkidz says; "The Beginner's Bible Stories About Jesus follows the story of Jesus’ life from His humble birth to His life as an adult as He preaches and teaches the people. Using the classic iconic art and simple text from The Beginner’s Bible, this padded board book will appeal to the youngest reader with its message of God’s love and its stories of the miracles and words of Jesus."

I think The Beginner's Bible Stories About Jesus is a book little ones will enjoy and a wonderful tool to help introduce our youngest grandchildren/children to Jesus, Who He is and what He did! I love all the color in the illustrations!

The First Easter Ever
Illustrations by Dennis Jones
Editor - Mary Hassinger
Publisher - Zonderkidz
Ages - 4-8

Favorite Features -
  • I LOVE Dennis Jones' illustrations - he is one of my favorite illustrators - I'm very happy to see he illustrated this book!
  • Walks children through Jesus' life with a focus on how much He loves us, why He came and what He did for us!
  • Great challenge to children to go and keep telling others about Jesus until He returns!
Zonderkidz says; "A simple retelling of the Easter story, this small and affordable format paperback, The First Easter Ever is sure to be popular with young readers. Using the vibrant and popular artwork of Dennis Jones, families can share this timeless story of God’s promise of everlasting love each Easter season."

This little book is filled with colorful, engaging and fun illustrations which capture the joy of Jesus and of those who knew He loved them! The First Easter Ever is a perfect book to use with young children on Resurrection Sunday morning to focus on what we are celebrating and why we are celebrating! 

Author - Lee Strobel with Jesse Florea
Publisher - Zonderkidz
Ages - 8-12

Favorite Features -
  • Shares stories of real people and how they experienced God's grace in their lives.
  • Using these real people and real stories, this book shows how God's grace is for everyone; no matter what we have done.
  • Each chapter ends with two questions in the "Face-to-Face with Grace" section which helps focus children from the story about a real person to how God's grace looks in their own lives.
Zonderkidz says; "What does “grace” really mean? How can God’s grace impact your life? How can you experience grace every day? This new book by New York Times bestselling author, Lee Strobel, shows how God’s love is for everyone—no matter what. Through stories of everyday people whose lives have been changed, you will discover God’s love and the power of forgiveness. You will experience God’s amazing grace and be able to share it with others."

I love how Case for Grace for Kids shares real stories of real people and how they experienced God's grace and then connects it to the child reading the book. This could make a great book for families to read through together before or after Resurrection Sunday as it is sure to generate some great conversations about God's amazing grace!

NIV Gift Bible for Kids
Publisher - Zonderkidz
Ages - 8+

Favorite Features -
  • Words of Jesus in red
  • Includes a concordance and dictionary
  • Available in pink or blue Italian Duo-Tone with a fun look children will love
Zonderkidz says; "NIV Gift Bible for Kids is the perfect gift for graduations, confirmations, and other special achievements."

I think NIV Gift Bible for Kids is a great bible to give children who want to carry a real Bible to church, but are not ready for an actual study-bible. It is also perfect to use as a gift Bible for children in a Sunday school class, or just to have on hand in case your grandchild or child has a friend who would like a Bible.

Okay, so these are the four books in this fun give-away! One of you will win all four, but everyone can enjoy the following Resurrection Sunday fun with your grandchildren, children or Sunday school class which will help us all keep our focus on celebrating what Resurrection Sunday is really all about! Let's begin with the Resurrection Sunday M&M project I found on Pinterest! All you need are M&M's and a free printable about how M&M's help us remember what Jesus did on Resurrection Sunday - which you will find at this link. You could make these and put them in your grandchildren's, children's baskets or give to your Sunday school class, or have the children assemble their own - and make one to give away!

And, as I browsed on Pinterest today I found a great idea for celebrating Resurrection Sunday and what it means! You will need a canvas - or sturdy cardboard. Markers or crayons and a jar of spackle . . . yes, spackle. On Good Friday have your family sit down and have each person write at least two of their sins on the canvas/cardboard - little ones can either tell you their sins for you to write for them, or they can draw them. Put it on your kitchen table and for the next two days whenever you see it you will be reminded of the truth, we are all sinners. Then on Resurrection Sunday, sit down with your family and cover every inch of the canvas/cardboard with spackle - you could draw a cross in the spackle to remind you of what Jesus did . . . He covers our sins and washes us white as snow when we accept it and ask Him for forgiveness! Hang it where your family will see it and be reminded of Jesus' great love, grace and forgiveness! (You'll find this project at the following link.)

And, for the specifics on how to enter the give-away . . . I'm very happy to say, not only did Zonderkidz send me one copy of each of the books in this special package for me to review, but they are making another set of them available for me to give away - USA only. If you are over the age of 18 and would like to be in the drawing for this special gift pack, which will be on March 22, 2015, please comment at this link to let me know what your family does to celebrate Resurrection Sunday - we decorate eggs, have an egg hunt, go through the Resurrection Eggs together and have dinner as a family!

In addition, you will receive additional entries if you have followed on Google+, Google Friend Connect, followed by liking on facebook with the tab at this link (not just liking the post) and/or have followed grandma's cookie jar by email. For each of these which you have done you will receive one entry. In addition, if you "share" this post, you'll receive an additional entry (please let me know if you share). This will help me be able to draw names from among people who would like to win this gift package
 and it gives you several ways to enter the give-away! Since this is a short give-away, if you enter, PLEASE be sure to check back on March 22, 2015 to see if you win (you will only have one day to get your info to me so the prize can be sent to you if you win).


  1. Hi Lynda, We celebrate resurrection Sunday by going to the sunrise service at the Lincoln Memorial. The day before we have an egg hunt at church with stories and resurrection eggs. I've followed on Google+, Facebook and email. Thanks for all your wonderful give aways!

  2. Easter is a special time for the family to gather at Grandma's house (that's me) after worshiping together. We have dinner and an egg hunt (plastic filled with goodies). I follow on facebook, email, and also on Grandma's cookie jar.