Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let's Educate Ourselves About Child Slavery & Act

I recently wrote about child slavery and was asked how we can find out where the things
we buy were made so we do not end up supporting child slavery. I will give you several websites where you can find out more about this, so along with checking labels - look for information about where the item is from, the fair trade label, Rainforest Alliance label - shop the frog - or even if it is listed as "organic" - all these can help you find manufacturers who do not use slaves.

But, please keep in mind, simply boycotting items is not the answer in and of itself. In some cases entire families work to provide a living for the family. In these cases it is important for manufacturers to provide a living wage and to insure safe working conditions along with education for children. In the cases where children are sold as slaves or kidnapped and used as slaves or work in the sex or porn industries, it must be stopped. Where children are exploited we do have to speak very loudly with our dollars as it is often the only language they understand. The following links will help you learn more about this -
Plus, we can support ministries who help, rescue and minister to children who were slaves; check the following links to see how you can help -
These are just a few of the ministries which are making a difference by helping children who are exploited.

I will buy products from companies which pay a fair, living wage, which helps children receive an education and which is committed to safe working conditions. I will also support ministries which rescue and help children who are exploited. I hope these links help you as you learn about and take action against child slavery.

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