Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Action Bible - I'm Giving One Away!

For years and years if your church used David C. Cook Bible in Life curriculum, the Elementary take-home papers had a portion of the Action Bible in it each week. Children loved these take-home papers . . . it was like getting a portion of a comic book each week and the great part was it was all about the Bible!

The Action Bible
Illustrator - Sergio Cariello
Publisher - David C Cook
Age - 9+

Favorite Features -
  • Quality illustrations - engage children
  • Unique way to help children read the Bible
  • Includes 215 Bible adventures
  • Presents Bible adventures chronologically
David C Cook says, "People don't usually think of God like this, but God is the original action hero. Everyone is so impressed when Superman blows a car over with his breath, yet God created the whole universe with His breath. Superman may save the day with his strength, but Jesus saved the whole world with His death. But here's the thing: The Action Bible is more than just the exciting stories of the past. Here and now, today, it inspires us to be God's next generation of difference-makers. The Stories in the Action Bible communicate biblical truth clearly and forcefully to contemporary readers. Careful attention to biblical accuracy keeps things trustworthy. And vivid illustrations in today's hottest style by accomplished illustrator Sergio Cariello capture the emotion and action of each character and event."

I like how The Action Bible gives you an additional option to engage children in reading the Bible. The illustrations are excellent and geared to older elementary age children, so i you are looking for a bible which will engage your elementary-age readers, take a good look at the Action Bible. 

I'm happy to say, Cook sent me The Action Bible for review and give away! If you are over 18 years old and you'd like to be in the drawing for The Action Bible (USA only), which will be on March 29, 2015,  please comment below to let me know your favorite Bible adventure - I love many, but Jehoshaphat is definitely on my list of "favorites"!

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  1. Daniel in the lions den - now that's a big adventure!

  2. I love that the Bible has adventures of true heroes who trust God. God always saves the dfay, whether through the heroes or just Hi9mself. He's awesome

    I love Esther, It's thrilling, exciting, and Epic, but if you're looking for an exciting "Heroes Journey" type adventure, then Moses is it. Anyway, I shared on Facebook and Google Plus!!!

  3. There are so many adventures in the Bible that it is hard to select one. It seems that I am drawn to the one I am reading about. Joseph is one of my favorites because it teaches many lessons about love, forgiveness and "God's ways are higher than our ways".