Friday, March 6, 2015

The Five Most Important Things I Want My Volunteers to Know

We all know we can not do what we do in our Children's Ministries without the volunteers who serve in our churches; they are truly essential. But far too often volunteers do not feel like what they do matters; or even if they are appreciated.

I remember years ago when I was a volunteer Sunday school teacher at my church in California. The parents were usually running late to the church service or their own class, so when they dropped off their children they were typically in a hurry to leave their children and get to where they were going. When they picked their children up, they were usually thinking about getting their children and then on to whatever they were doing the rest of the day (in Northern California there are many wonderful things you can do on a lovely day and there are many lovely days!). It was rare for a parent to even talk to me, let alone thank me for serving their children as their teacher. 

In many of our churches the Children's MInistry is "invisible"; in an area separate from the auditorium, out of the way where the only people who see it are the volunteers, the children and the parents . . . and as I just mentioned, parents do not always actually "talk" to the volunteers. 

It is so easy for volunteers to become discouraged and think what they do does not matter . . . and does not really mean anything to anyone. If this happens, they are much more likely to stop serving. The opposite could not be more true for me with the volunteers I had. I appreciated them so much and wanted them to know it. So, as I think about these things, I'm reminded of the five most important things I want volunteers to know. They are . . . 
  1. God loves you and wants you to love Him back and then know and walk with Him all your life! Really, is there anything more important for any of us to know in all of our lives? This is surely the most important!
  2. What you do matters. Helping children know Jesus and learn to walk with Him is one of the most amazing things any of us can and will ever do!
  3. Serving God brings great joy and I will do anything I can to free you to experience and enjoy the joy!
  4. You are appreciated! I will not only say this regularly, from my heart, but will show it in how I support you and demonstrate my thanks.
  5. Even if it feels like the parents do not notice or appreciate what you do, God does! See Hebrews 6:10 - God is fair. He will not forget what you have done. He will remember the love you have shown him. You showed it when you helped his people. And you show it when you keep on helping them. 
Yes, there are many more things I want my volunteers to know . . . important things, but these five are most certainly at the top of my list! What is on the top of your list of most important things you want your volunteers to know?

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  1. These are also so helpful! I need to free our teachers so they can work their talents and share God's word. Thanks for the reminder!!