Sunday, April 12, 2015

Curriculum Review - Large Group/Small Group - The Gospel Project for kids!

LifeWay released their new Large Group/Small Group curriculum - the Gospel Project for kids and I've heard great things about it. LifeWay says the Gospel Project for kids is a, "Bible study resource which shows how Christ fits into the entire gospel story, pre-creation to eternity. And where each of us fits into it, too!" Allow me to share with you some information about the Gospel Project for kids!
  • Publisher - LifeWay  
  • Website -
  • Price - varies depending on if you select downloadable/digital resources or print materials - digital begins at $95 for preschool, $185 for elementary or $255 to combine preschool/elementary for churches with fewer than 50 children and goes up from there based on the number of children and if you select packages with music and the second Worship service. Print materials for preschool are $59.95 for preschool leader kits, $79.95 for elementary leader kits with student materials running $2.50 and $1.95 per child and $1.95 per family for the Big Picture Cards.
  • Scope - three year Chronological through the Bible
  • Available for preschool - elementary 
Strengths -
  • Biblically Sound
  • Strong emphasis on showing how Jesus fits into the entire Bible in each lesson
  • You can download and try one month for free!
  • the Big Picture Cards for families provide Parent materials so they are able to continue the learning at home throughout the week 
  • Colorful graphics
  • Options for a video Large Group Bible lesson or teacher may tell the story as they like - there are some active ideas given for this, but I'd like to see more engagement of kids in the Bible lesson.
  • Optional Worship lesson available - it builds on what the kids did in the first class time
  • They do have a "missions" portion of the lesson in the optional Worship/second service
  • They do offer materials for everyone in the family so the entire family is able to learn together how Jesus is shown in the entire Bible
Would like to see - 
  • More affordable pricing - I'd like to see them not charge for the digital materials based on the number of children since churches are the ones who have to pay to print the materials.
  • More ideas for ways to engage the kids in the teaching of the Bible lesson with skits and other creative methods
  • Quarterly service projects to "Put Feet to Their Faith"
LifeWay's the Gospel Project for kids curriculum is written with the goal of intentionally engaging children so they are able to remember, understand and live God's Word for genuinely changed lives. If you are looking for a curriculum with a strong commitment to showing Jesus in every lesson, this curriculum is well worth taking a look at to see if it may be a good "fit" for your ministry! 

LifeWay says, "The Gospel Project is a new Christ-centered Bible study resource which looks at the whole story—the story of redemption through Jesus—from Genesis to Revelation. With digital or print components for adults, students, and kids, the entire church can be immersed in the gospel and find out what it means to be a part of God’s gospel project"

Teresa Holmgren has been using the Gospel Project in her church and had this to say about it: "We are using The Gospel Project for both our Sunday school and our children’s worship. The idea we have in using the same curriculum is so the material is presented in Sunday school and reinforced in children’s worship.  In this sense the kids go home from church each Sunday with one thing they’ve learned well instead of two separate thoughts from two separate lessons or Bible Stories. 

    I have really liked using The Gospel Project.  I teach the Children’s Worship and I have been very impressed with the foundational truths the kids are learning in Sunday school and retaining when they reach Children’s Worship.  I don’t follow everything in the curriculum word for word, but I take their basic thought and theme and do what works best for the group I am working with.  The curriculum could be frustrating for an inexperienced teacher who doesn't feel free to change things to meet their classroom needs, but I firmly feel inexperienced teachers should be placed with experienced teachers to help them gain more experience anyway. 
    I love the focus the Gospel Project has on presenting Christ through the whole scripture.  I love how it is not topical, as topical teaching tends to bend scripture to fit the topic rather than presenting scripture for what it really is.  Guess I’ve been burned on some supposedly very good curriculum which ended up teaching a very works oriented gospel."

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