Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dispatch & Be Kids, Idea Cards & Dispatch Vol 1

For the past several days I've been writing about the featured items in the first Dispatch box from INCM. Today I want to write about a couple additional resources which you will certainly find to be valuable for your ministry and the families in your church and community.

We all know while we can have ministry which is effective, since; as Larry wrote about in his book, The Question Nobody Asks About Our Children, at best, we only have one to three hours out of the 168 in a week to make an impact in the lives of the children in our church. So, if we really want to see children know, love and walk with Jesus, we have to have a plan to equip their parents and grandparents, so they are living out Deuteronomy 6. In the first Dispatch box there is a resource which could help you do exactly this! 

BE KIDS also has a subscription box which families can sign up for and receive each month; the Be Box. This box is filled with resources to encourage spiritual growth through devotions, lunchbox notes, crafts, games and family challenges. Sounds like something families could use and learn from together! You'll find more at

In the first Dispatch box, you'll find information about the Be Box and a sample of their printable lunch box notes - a colorful and fun way to remind children in the middle of their day at school of God's love for them and how they are a treasured part of a family!

The first Dispatch box also includes some idea cards - cards with an idea or resource info which you can use to spur you on in ministry! Keep a watch out at for a list of 50 ideas you can use in your ministry!

And, INCM Dispatch Vol 1 . . . a mini-mag with six articles written by people with experience in children's ministry about the resources you will find in the first Dispatch box!

Yes, Dispatch 1 is filled with resources which will give you inspire you! But, this is not all! Tomorrow I will write about the remaining resource in this first box . . . clearly Dispatch is fun, useful and worthwhile!

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