Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dispatch & JumpStart3

I've been writing all week about the amazing resources in the first Dispatch box and today I'm wrapping up my reviews by writing about music from JumpStart3. There is no shortage of music available for use in our children's ministries - many of it is excellent, but when we are able to combine God's Word, with music which gets children moving, our times to sing and praise God through music accomplish so much more.

This is the heart behind JumpStart3. They want to engage children in three ways . . . 
  • Hearing God's Word - all songs are Scripture songs.
  • Seeing God's Word - all songs have lyrics which are, God's Word.
  • Moving to God's Word - all songs include video to help you learn and teach children movements which are taken from American Sign Language.
JumpStart3 says their music is appropriate for all ages of children from preschool through teens . . . and even engages parents, too! What could be better than entire families learning and singing God's Word together!

In the Dispatch box, you will find a sampler DVD with information about JumpStart3, two complete songs with motions - James 1:22 and Romans 10:9 - and a special offer for anyone who subscribes to Dispatch!

I hope you have been able to see from my posts this week how Dispatch is not only a great buy, but a great way to learn about resources available for your ministry and the families in your church.

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