Monday, May 4, 2015

Dispatch & PULSE

The past couple days I've been sharing how this past Winter I was invited to be part of the initial Dispatch Content Team. If you are not familiar with Dispatch, please check it out at this link - as it is a great resource from INCM which you can subscribe to and then each quarter you will receive a box of "goodies" for you to use in your ministry. I have been sharing my reviews with you of the items in the first box . . . so far a resource to help you evaluate and strengthen child safety in your ministry from KidCheck and an absolute must-read book by Larry Fowler - The Question Nobody Asks About Our Children.

Today I want to let you know about another resource in the first Dispatch box . . . the book PULSE from KidzMater. PULSE is a book which combines insight about children's ministry from 37 people (I am one of them). It is designed to encourage, educate and inform with articles covering all things children's ministry; such as . . . 
  • What Matters Most - by Ryan & Beth Frank
  • Why Kids (Really) Misbehave - by Dr. Rick Chromey
  • No Cookie-Cutter Children's Ministries - by Lynda Freeman (me)
  • How Divorce Impacts a Child's Relationship With God - by Linda Ransom Jacobs
  • Honey I Shrunk the Gospel - by Sam Luce
These are just a sampling of the chapters you will find in PULSE, but you can be sure each chapter will help you learn something new, be encouraged and/or help you better understand children's ministry. I'd suggest reading one chapter a day - read it through and then read it again. This time praying and asking God what you need to know to serve more effectively in the place where He has put you.

KidzMatters says; "From managing the nuts and bolts of ministry to maintaining margin, PULSE brings the best in real-world wisdom, innovative ideas and leadership development for KidMin professionals from trusted experts in the field. In KidzMatter's vanguard book release, the publishers of KidzMatter Magazine recruited 35-plus contributers to address critical topics, including ministry, curriculum development and working with parents. In addition to practical advice, PULSE tackles crucial matters of spiritual and professional development, leadership growth and building a foundation for long-term ministry fruitfulness."

PULSE is a book which will not remain on your bookshelf. It will be on your desk with dog-eared pages, filled with underlining/highlighting and notes you write to yourself in he margins. PULSE is a book you will not only read, but one which you will use. 

With PULSE in the first Dispatch box, it just shows not only what a great value Dispatch is, but how it is filled with resources which will actually make a real difference in your ministry.

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