Thursday, May 7, 2015

Get Ready - Cottonmouth is Here!

I wanted to take a minute to let you know about some special reviews I'll be writing over the coming few days about a new series of books from C.S. Fritz - the Cottonmouth Series. If you have not heard yet about these stories, get ready because you will be!

While these books are written in a way which we might initially think of as books for children, they are for all of us. The story is captivating, moving and most importantly, paints a picture of what redemptive and sacrificial love looks like.

The Cottonmouth series will generate conversations between children, children and parents/grandparents and between children and leaders/volunteers in your ministry. This absolutely is a series you can recommend to families and even encourage volunteers to read to the children in their classes/groups.

You will find information about these books on my other site; along with full reviews in the coming day . . . and a fun give-away and opportunity to become Pen Pals with Freddie Cottonmouth! Check it out at this link - grandma's cookie jar

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