Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Cost & Ministry of Deeper in 4 Children

I've been writing about the release of Deeper in 4 Children - a curriculum which will engage children in reading their Bibles, discovering what their Bibles say and what it means to their lives and how to pray Scripture back to God. You will find out all the specifics about Deeper in 4 Children at this link, but I want you to know, if your church would like to use Deeper in 4 Children, but can not afford the $75 per quarter, I am delighted to give it to you for free.

Deeper in 4 Children is available on a zip file which you download. I priced it to be affordable and a wise use of your church's resources. Consider the following -
  • You are welcome to make as many copies as you need for use in your ministry. I do not charge you based on the number of children in your ministry. 
  • You are welcome to reuse Deeper in 4 Children without having to pay again for the curriculum. Just keep the zip files and reuse the curriculum as you rotate through your scope and sequence.
  • The curriculum is reproducible - make the copies you need; print more if you have visitors and need additional copies rather than purchasing books you do not use.
  • You are welcome to share the curriculum with any ministries of your church - for example, if you have a church plant you are welcome to share Deeper in 4 Children with them. You are welcome to share Deeper in 4 Children with the missionaries your church supports.
Yes, I do charge for Deeper in 4 Children if your church can afford the $75 per age level per quarter, but I care the most about the ministry of Deeper in 4 Children. I want it to be affordable and a resource a church is able to use in it's own children's ministry and those of the ministries they support.

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