Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Other "Basket" - Encourage Them!

Image result for clipart for encourageWe have been talking about if we are truly serious about reaching children for Jesus, so they learn to know and walk with Him, we have to, "move some of our 'eggs' to a different 'basket'", the "basket" of ministry to parents and grandparents.As I said, I believe this "basket" has to do three things: engage, equip and encourage and we have looked at engaging and equipping parents and grandparents to pass on a heritage of faith to their children/grandchildren. Today we will look at encouraging them to do this.

According to, the word, "encourage" means:
  1. To inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence.
  2. To stimulate by assistance, approval, etc..  
  3. To promote, advance, or foster.
So, "encouraging" parents and grandparents means we, "promote, inspire and provide assistance, so they will choose to involve themselves in passing on a heritage of faith to their children/grandchildren".

As I said earlier, too many parents think it is the church's "job" to teach their children about God. Over the years, I have personally had many parents tell me this is why they bring their children to church. But they do not stop to think about how even if they go to church every Sunday and have their children involved in the mid-week ministry of their church, this only adds up to four or five hours out of the 168 hours in a week. Such a minuscule percentage of time.

The truth, however; is, the church is not the one with the "job" of passing on a heritage of faith. This is the parents' and grandparents' "job" and "joy". Yes, the church has a role to play in reaching children; an important role, but, we in the church must get the attention of parents and grandparents and help them realize they are the ones who are able to make the biggest impact on their children and grandchildren and encourage them to focus on doing exactly this. How do we do this? Consider the following . . . 
  • We have to understand how important this is and focus on encouraging - inspiring parents and grandparents!
  • Set aside a portion of your bulletin or church magazine to share stories from church families about what they are doing to pass on a heritage of faith to their children/grandchildren.
  • Allow parents and grandparents to share testimonies of what they are doing.
  • Make a point to be intentional about encouraging parents and grandparents when you hear what they are doing to pass on a heritage of faith!
  • Challenge your church to be a place where parents and grandparents are serious about passing on a heritage of faith and a place where they are inspired to do so!
These are just a few ideas, but the important thing is to inspire, assist and foster the idea of passing on a heritage of faith to the children/grandchildren in your church. Be a church where parents and grandparents are encouraged to do this!.

Inspire them. Encourage them!

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