Thursday, June 18, 2015

An Amazing "Resource" at Your "Fingertips"! (& a Free Gift!)

Image result for clipart for the word grandparentsIf you had an amazing resource of people at your "fingertips" who, for the most part, are already passionate about reaching children, people who are highly motivated and who could become engaged in actually reaching children, would you want to engage them? Would you want to equip and encourage them? Would you want to "tap" this "resource"; and do so as quickly as possible?

Well, you do! This resource is grandparents and you have them in your church. Most grandparents care very much about their grandchildren and want to see them reached for Jesus and then grow to know and walk with Him. True, some see their "job" as "completed" when they raised their own children, but even these grandparents sincerely love their grandchildren and if you are able to help them see how their "job" is not "completed" and equip them to pass on a heritage of faith, most of them will willingly step forward and focus on doing exactly this.

As I have been saying, grandparents know something important. They know how very quickly their grandchildren not only, "will" grow up, but how very quickly they "are" growing up. Grandparents have already experienced how, while it may not have felt like it at the time, they know how quickly their own children grew up. When we tell grandparents there are just a few short years where their grandchildren are most open to the Gospel, they believe you and they understand how these years truly are, "short".

You can do this by . . . 
  • Engaging grandparents - show the grandparents in your ministry how they still have a "job" to do. A very important, "job". One they already care very much about.
  • Equipping grandparents - provide resources for them to use, or at least let them know where they can find resources they can use. One such resource is a curriculum I'm writing - Science, the Bible & Fun! I'll email two weeks of this curriculum for free to anyone who emails and asks me for it - Check it out!
  • Encouraging grandparents - provide opportunities for grandparents to share their experiences in passing on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren - you can do this by providing time in the Sunday school classes and small groups they already participate in, you can do it through emails, you can do it by providing opportunities for grandparents to share their testimonies in church on Sundays and/or Wednesdays.
So, with this being the case, what is stopping you from engaging grandparents, equipping grandparents and encouraging grandparents to be focused and active in passing on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren? Why wouldn't you want to impact the children in your ministry by equipping their grandparents? The time is now and the people you need to do this are in your church! Let's engage, equip and encourage grandparents and then watch and see what God will do to reach and impact the children in our ministries!

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