Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Family Ministry on a Shoe-String - Family Service Squads!

When we think about family ministry we most often tend to think about providing ministry opportunities for the children and families in our church and community, and while we certainly want to do this, family ministry can also - and should also - include opportunities for our children and families to serve others! We can serve others "on a shoe-string" . . . consider the following ideas -
Local Opportunities -
  • Community Brighteners - send squads of families into your community to clean a park, paint/repair a playground, or plant flowers . . . if you approach area business owners you may find some who would be willing to donate paint, plants and other supplies - or at least sell them to you at a reduced cost!
  • Lunch Packers - involve squads of families in packing sack lunches for children in need and work with your school to distribute to children in your community - again check with area business owners to see if they might be willing to donate bread, sandwich fixings and other items!
  • Sweet Treaters - involve squads of families in making cookies, muffins or baskets of fruit and then give them to your community fire fighters and/or police officers - include a note to thank them for their service and let them know you will be praying for them - this can easily be accomplished on a "shoe-string" as each family prepares the baked goods or donates the fruit!
  • Pantry Party-ers - involve squads of families in assisting with food pantry distribution. Assign some families to the tasks of handing out food and others to select books to read to children and games to play with them while their parents get the food (be sure to follow your church's volunteer screening policies for any who will be working with children)
World-wide Opportunities -
  • Car Washers/Cookie Bakers - involve squads of families in activities to raise money for ministries such as Samaritan's Purse and WorldHelp - check my "Put Feet to Their Faith" for a list of ministries you could team your children and families with to make a difference in the world.
  • Care Packagers - involve squads of families in preparing care packages to send to the missionaries your church supports.
These are just a few ideas, use some of them or think of your own, but as you plan your family ministry opportunities, don't forget to involve the children and families in your church is serving others - and make serving others the highlight of your family ministry!

How do you involve children and families in your church in serving others in their community and world?

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