Sunday, June 14, 2015

What Are Your Results?

Image result for images for resultsI've been talking about the things which are most important to us in our children's ministries and a few days ago I said; "These are very important questions for us to think about, but here is one more . . . how effective are you in accomplishing these things? And, how effective are these things in reaching children, bringing them to a place where they place their trust in Jesus and then grow to know and walk with Him? After all, this is the most important thing. Are the things which are most important in your children's ministry, really reaching children? Do the really help children place their trust in Jesus and then grow to know and walk with Him for all of their lives?"

Do the things you put your time into reach children and draw them to Jesus? Do they help children learn to know, love and walk with Jesus? Or, if you are truly honest, is your children's ministry really just entertaining children with Bible "stories" and music thrown in? What are your results? What do your results show?

We all have results, but what are your results? Do children come to know Jesus? Do children learn how to discover Who God is and how they can know Him by reading their own Bibles, because their Bibles really are for them - not just for adults? Do children learn how to really talk with God? Do they learn how to tell their friends and family about Jesus and what He did for them? Are children's lives truly being changed because they participate in your children's ministry?

And, are families being challenged to live their day-in-day-out lives focused on loving God with their all and following Him? Do you equip parents, so they can continue the teaching and engaging of their own children at home all week - since they are with their children so very much more time than we ever are?

And, do you engage, equip and encourage grandparents to step up and take an active role in passing on a heritage of faith by reaching their grandchildren and helping them know, love and walk with Jesus?

You can have results in your children's ministry, but you can multiply those results so many times over by engaging parents and grandparents - do you do this? If not, why?

What are your results and what can you do to be genuinely effective, with results which show this?

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