Monday, June 15, 2015

What Might You Do Differently?

Image result for images for changesFor the past few days I've been asking you some questions about your Children's Ministry, what you are doing, where you are spending most of your time and are you being truly effective. Today I want to ask you; "What might you do instead to become more effective at what is truly most important; reaching children for Jesus and helping them grow to know and walk with Him all of their lives?"

If what you are doing is effective, then you will want to continue what you are doing; but don't just think what you are doing is truly effective without first checking to be sure. Sometimes it can be difficult to be honest with ourselves about how effective we really are. Ask parents, volunteers and children what they are learning, how they are living it and how it changes their lives. If you discover they are truly learning how to know and walk with God, by all means, continue what you are doing!

If however; you discover they say they do not "remember", then you need to make some changes - and make them right away. It matters too much if we are effective or not for us to just continue to do what we are doing without really knowing if we are being genuinely effective, or not.

Ask the question. Evaluate the answers and make any needed changes.

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