Friday, July 24, 2015

Be the One Who Helps Stop Child Trafficking

Image result for images for child traffickingEarlier this week CNN showed a special on Child Trafficking in the USA; yes, in the USA. If you are like me, you picture this horrific crime taking place in other places around the world; not here in the USA. But, this evil does take place here; in our own "backyards".

The special was shocking and heartbreaking, but it taught me something important. The majority of children here in the USA who end up being trafficked start as children who begin relationships with evil traffickers because they listen to them. These people know if they build a relationship with children who are feeling alone, neglected and like they have no one in their lives who will even listen to them, they will be able to get these children to a place where they will do what they are told; even allow their bodies to be used by evil people.

This tells me how essential it is for us as grandparents, parents and those who serve in children's ministry to be absolutely committed to be people who set aside our electronic devices - computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. - and who listen to the sweet children God has placed in our lives. We must be the people who make eye contact, who listen to, who talk with and who are generous in the way we show God's love to children. If we are able to be sure every child in our lives know they are greatly loved by God and by us, they are not likely to be deceived by evil people who pretend to love and care for them, but who really just want to harm them.

So, be watchful. Notice children who may feel isolated and alone. Encourage the children in your ministry to be friends with new children, children who do not have friends and children who are "loners". Talk with children. Make eye-contact with them. And put away your phones, close your computers and snuggle with your grandchildren and children. Listen to them. Be sure they know how thankful you are for them and how very deeply God loves them as well.

Be the one children can turn to, so they do not turn to others who will harm them.

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