Thursday, July 9, 2015

Free For You . . . One Illustrate My Own Bible Heroes Book!

I LOVE books for children! I really LOVE Bible adventure books which introduce children to people from the Bible and when those people are some of the "unknown" heroes . . . well, I especially LOVE those adventures! 

So, a few years ago I sat down and wrote several Unknown Bible Hero books, but since I'm not really an illustrator, I thought it would be fun to write the books so children could be their own illustrator and illustrate their own book!

Illustrate My Own books - is a line of Bible Adventure books for children and families to learn from while they create their own illustrations! As families work through each book they will be able to think about, remember and understand how God worked in the lives of real people and better understand how God wants to work in their own real lives, too!

I have twelve titles available in the Illustrate My Own - Unknown Bible Heroes series and twelve titles available in the Illustrate My Own - Known Bible Heroes series - just follow the link for the specifics. As a gift to you . . . email me ( the title of one book of your choice which you would like for free! I'll email the pdf to you and you will be welcome to print out as many as you like for use with your family and ministry!

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