Sunday, July 12, 2015

Help the Children Go Deeper into God's Word!

Today as you serve in your children's ministry, ask yourself these questions . . . 
  • What are the children learning - really? 
  • Are they actually learning anything?
  • Are they just hearing the same Bible events and tuning out?
  • Do they understand, truly understand God's Word is for them?
  • Do children even need to open their Bibles in their classes?
  • Do they know how to talk to God?
  • Do the children know how to take what they learned out the doors of the church, so they are able to think about, talk about and live what they learned?
  • Do they understand the Bible is for them to read and enjoy all week long - not just on Sundays?
These may not be the questions you think about on a weekly - or even monthly basis, but they are questions we have to ask, and answer. If you are not able to answer these questions, then you may need to evaluate the "whys?". 

While there could be many things to consider; such as training volunteers, changing your format, etc. one definite area to consider is the curriculum. Even if you like the curriculum, if the children are not truly learning how God's Word is for them and they can read and understand it, then the curriculum you are using may not really be a good "fit" for your ministry.

If you decide you need to consider other curriculum options, please take a look at Deeper in 4 Children as it is designed to get children to open their Bibles, discover what it says and live it in their lives. It gets children to go deeper into God's Word! You'll find more information about Deeper in 4 Children at this link - and remember, if you order two quarters, you will receive one quarter for free. (Just email which quarter you would like to receive for free when you place your order.)

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