Monday, July 20, 2015

INCM Dispatch Box #2 - INCM Dispatch Vol. 2

For the past couple days I have been writing about some of the resources you'll find in the new INCM Dispatch Box #2 - today I want to write about another resource . . . the INCM Dispatch Vol. 2. Along with holding a variety of resources you will actually use, each Dispatch box includes a, "mini-magazine"; the Dispatch Volume - in this case, Volume 2.

Inside each Dispatch Volume, you'll find information about the other resources in the box along with ideas for getting the most out of these resources. In Dispatch Volume 2 you'll find . . . 
  • An overview of the resources in the box.
  • A review of I Can Learn the Bible: The Joshua Code for Kids: 52 Devotions and Scriptures for Kids with thoughts about how to use it in your ministry with the families you serve. 
  • A review of spiritual parenting: an awakening for today's families - again with thoughts about how to use it in your ministry with the families you serve.
  • A volunteer training you can use with those who serve in your ministry. This training will help you examine the health of your ministry and is a nice resource to use with the book, MOVE - which you will find in the box! (I wrote the training.)
  • A devotional to go along with the CD Undefeated - which you will find in your box!
  • 5 Ways a Beach Ball Can Explode Your Creativity - to go along with the beach ball you'll find in the box!
MOVEINCM Dispatch Boxes have resources which are chosen to encourage and build your ministry and the Dispatch Volume you'll find in each box will help you get the most out of these resources! Dispatch #2 will not disappoint.

Once again, if you have not yet signed up to receive the Dispatch boxes each quarter, do so right away! You'll find all the specifics at this link.

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