Thursday, July 23, 2015

INCM Dispatch Box #2 - MOVE

MOVE"What does healthy KidMin look like?" AWANA asked hundreds of pastors this question and the answers led them to create "MOVE" . . . a book which provides nine conversations designed to help you build your children's ministry. With MOVE you will consider, examine and discover where your church stands with in following nine areas . . . 
  • The Gospel
  • Discipleship
  • Integrated Ministry
  • Church Culture
  • Leader Development
  • Parents and Families
  • An Intentional Atmosphere
  • Opportunities for Service
  • A Relational Dynamic
Each chapter discusses the topic, provides discussion questions and then gives you, "Next Steps" to help you evaluate where your ministry "landed" on the Move Assessment (you'll find this for free at and what you need to do to move forward. 

AWANA says; "Your ministry is full of potential. You can see it. Sometimes it's just out of reach. MOVE helps you take steps toward that potential by focusing on three key areas of children's and youth ministry: foundational principles, essential relationships and transformational skills. With discussion guides and helpful next steps, you can set the table for conversation around pressing issues in your children's and youth ministry. MOVE helps you focus your attention on ministry health and offers smart suggestions for turning conversation into action. Developing the potential in your ministry isn't an option for you. It's crucial. It's time to get moving."
We all look for resources which will truly help us understand where we really are in our ministries - not just where we want to be, hope we are or think we are, but resources which help us get a true picture of where we really are. For a resource to do this and then give us concrete steps to take to MOVE forward, well, this is a resource well worth the time it takes to implement in our ministries. MOVE is just such a resource.

I'm very impressed to find the book, MOVE in the INCM Dispatch Box #2 - if you are not already signed up to receive this resource - sign up today! You'll find all the specifics at this link.

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