Saturday, July 18, 2015

INCM Dispatch Box #2 - spiritual parenting - "It's Not About Perfect Behavior. It's About Passionate Hearts."

I have three, sweet grandsons and while to me they are "perfect", I know they truly are not. They are three, sweet, active, normal boys and are as imperfect as the rest of us. There are times when they obey, are kind, tell the truth, share and show respect, and there are times when they do not. They are three, sweet, active boys and they are as much in need of learning how to have hearts and souls which love God with their all, as I am.

I do not know of a single parent or grandparent who has not struggled with how to help the children they love grow up to be people who make wise choices and who love God with their all. We all want this, but there is no shortage of opinions about how to get there with the children we love. There also is no shortage of books on parenting. I tend to be skeptical of parenting books, but spiritual parenting: an awakening for today's families is a book I can enthusiastically recommend to every parent and grandparent as it will not only help you learn how to truly help your grandchild/child, but will open your own eyes to how real faith transforms lives; including your own!

spiritual parenting: an awakening for today's families
Author Michelle Anthony
Publisher - David C Cook

Favorite Features -
  • Focuses on seeking, "God as our primary audience - to please Him alone with our parenting and seek Him alone for the strength and power to do so."
  • Removes the "burden" of thinking we have to change our grandchildren/children and puts it where it belongs - on God, because only God can change a heart!
  • Challenges us to become students of each child - learn who they are and what makes them "tick", so we can see them as the amazing person God created each of them to be and point them to Him in the way which works best for each unique child.
  • Challenge to raise our grandchildren/children so they are defined, not by what they do NOT do - (smoke, chew, swear, drugs, etc.), but by what they do - show justice, mercy, grace, love, compassion, forgiveness, faithfulness, etc.
  • Challenges us to live our faith - put it in action, so our grandchildren/children see in our lives the things we tell them to show in their own lives.
  • Encourages us in knowing the more our children know God, the more they will want to obey Him!
  • Challenges us to remember who we are (God's loved child), so we can help our grandchildren/children remember who they are!
  • Explains how to cultivate an environment in your home where children can get to know God - explains the ten environments clearly!
  • Excellent chapter on discipline!!! Excellent!!! Can I say it again??? Absolutely excellent!
Cook says; "It's hard enough to train children to behave, but good behavior isn't what Jesus calls for in the Bible. He wants hearts and souls which are shaped in vibrant faith and love toward God and others. How can parents cultivate this in their children? In this book Dr. Michelle Anthony shares practical examples and biblical insight on the spiritual role of parenting.

Spiritual Parenting introduces the simple, but revolutionary concept that parents are, by the power of God's Spirit, to obey and depend on God in order to create an environment God can use to beckon their children to Him."

I love this book because it not only tells me real things I can do with my grandsons, but things I can - and need to do with myself! I could go on and on about the things I learned and love about spiritual parenting: an awakening for today's families, but let me say this is absolutely a book for every grandparent and parent to read! Click on the link and order it today . . . then start implementing what you learn in your life and with your grandchildren/children - you'l be so glad you did!

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