Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Children's Ministry is Where the Battle is Being Waged

My pastor once spoke to leaders in the children's ministry and said, "The children's ministry is where the battle is being waged." He is right. If children grow up believing church is boring and the Bible is just filled with "stories", they will easily wander from church and their faith. If they believe the "good stuff", the exciting things, the treasure, is to be found outside the doors of the church, then they will continue to chase after looking for things which bring meaning to their lives. 

It is all about being deceived. Children - and parents - are deceived to believe the "important" things are found outside the church. They believe it is okay to "take the summer off", or return after the sports season. They have been deceived.

The truth is, the real "good stuff", the real exciting things, the treasure, is to be found in knowing and walking with Jesus all our lives! In taking what we learn inside the church, out the doors and in living it in our everyday lives every day! There is nothing better! This is where real joy is found!

The same is true about serving - in children's ministry and/or in any area of the church. We are deceived into believing we have more "important" things to do with our time - this is why it is so easy to say, "no" or to just not get involved. The truth is the really important things are found in using the gifts God so richly has blessed us with. Doing this brings real joy and there is nothing better!

Can you imagine what the church would be like if children came to know Jesus and learned to walk with Him? If they learned to take what they learn out the doors of the church to live it in their everyday lives, every day? If they learned to use the gifts God blessed them with to serve others? Can you imagine what the youth ministry would be like?!!! It wouldn't be a "salvage" ministry as it can be in so many cases! These teens would be unstoppable! Can you imagine what the adults would be like?!!!

This is why the battle is in the children's ministry. If Satan is successful at deceiving children, he may keep them deceived for life.

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