Thursday, July 30, 2015

Top Three Reasons to Leave Children's Ministry

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If you are serving in a children's ministry where you love what you do, love the people you work with and can not see yourself ever leaving, this post may leave you thinking; "There could never be a reason I'd leave children's ministry!"

If you are serving in a children's ministry where you are not supported and it is a struggle to go to work, but you think it would be wrong to quit; you may look at this post and wonder if there could really be even one reason to leave children's ministry.

Well, I've been in both places and after 44 years in children's ministry, I am here today to tell you there are reasons to leave children's ministry and am sharing with you what I see as the top three reasons to do so.
  • If you no longer are able to serve with joy as this will impact every area of the ministry - children, families and volunteers will see this.
  • If you are not able to serve with the people (volunteers and staff) who serve with you. A negative attitude will destroy your ministry - and very possibly harm your own walk with God.
  • If you truly believe God is "pivoting" you, moving you to focus on some other area of ministry.
Now, it is possible you might leave for a period of time and then return, but if any of these three reasons apply to you, then you may need to step out of children's ministry.

If you determine you need to step out of children's ministry, keep the following in mind . . .

  • There will be those who want to know why you are leaving so they can gossip about the situation. Do not give in to this and be part of gossip.
  • Before you announce you are stepping out, determine what you can say and frame it in the most positive way possible. Do not gossip.
  • Do not gossip. I know I've said this several times, but do NOT gossip.
And, most important in determining if you will be stepping out of children's ministry and what you will say, focus on prayer. Seek God's will and His "wording". Especially if you are stepping out because of the words and actions of others. Do not let this change be something which Satan uses to push you away from God.

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