Sunday, July 5, 2015

True Worship or Not?

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In most children's ministries we have a time each Sunday for "Worship", but today I want to ask you if we are really worshiping God, or not? Might our songs actually be something else? The dictionary defines "worship" as - 
  • Reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred.
  • To honor with extravagant love and extreme submission.
  • The object of adoring reverence or regard.
  • Formal or ceremonious rendering of such honor and homage.
The dictionary defines "praise" as -
  • The act of expressing approval or admiration; commendation.
  • The offering of grateful homage in words or song, as an act of worship.
So, it is accurate to say, "worship" of God focuses on God; the One Who is being worshiped. It involves focused honor, extravagant love, submission and is focused on the One Who is sacred.

"Praise", on the other hand, focuses on expressing admiration, thanks, commendation and can be part of the way we show worship.

So, why am I defining these words? Think for a moment about the songs you sing in church and in your children's ministry. You may call them "worship" songs, but if they are not focused on God, how can you really be "worshiping" Him? Yes, you may be praising Him for His great grace, or for leading you, or for answering prayer, or for any number of things, but if the song sings about you or I, what is the focus of the song? Is the focus really on God, or on how our lives are encouraged, made better, etc?

A true, "worship" song focuses on God. Period.

Now, it is true, because of Who God is, we have many things to praise and thank Him for - such as God's great grace, answered prayer, etc. But, if we are really worshiping God, then the focus can not be on these things.

Why does this matter? I think it does because our society, even in our churches, is so very narcissistic. Everything is about us. I believe it really matters if we help children grow up and understand it is not about us. It is about God and Who He is. Worship focuses on Him. Period. When we tell children we are worshiping God, we need to actually be focusing on Him and worshiping Him.

We can also spend time singing praise songs which praise God for answering prayer and sing about how He works in our lives, but we need to help the children in our ministries understand - and remind ourselves, worship is all about God. Period.

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