Saturday, August 8, 2015

How to Keep From Harming a Volunteer

Image result for images for prayYesterday I wrote about what to do if you have "cranky" people in your ministry. Today I want to think for a minute about what to do with the "cranky" people. If we just "push" them out of serving, we are practically guaranteed to hurt them - perhaps in ways which will take them years to overcome; if ever. While we have to have ministries where children are not afraid of the volunteers, we also can not cause damage to those who volunteer.

This can be quite a quandary and must be handled first of all with a great amount of prayer. Consider the following ways you could help the person so they are not damaged . . . 
  • Of course pray. You can not pray too much about this.
  • Ask them if there is something happening in their lives which you can pray about for and with them; something you might be able to help them with.
  • Ask them if you could help them find a place to serve which will bring them joy. Let them know you want them to serve, they are part of the body in your church and are loved, so you would love to help them find a place to serve which didn't bring them stress, but instead brought them joy.
  • Pray some more.
Realize the person may be hurt and embarrassed if you talk with them about leaving the children's ministry. Be sensitive. Make this a matter of on-going prayer. Stay in touch with them. Focus on how you can help them serve with joy. And, once again, pray, pray, pray.

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