Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Engaged Grandparents = Committed Prayer Warriors

Image result for clipart for praying grandparentsAs I talk about Grandparenting Ministry, you may wonder how such a ministry really connects with a Children's Ministry . . . well, consider this; if you have grandparents who are engaged and focused on passing on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren, these grandparents will become much more interested in the Children's Ministry. They will want to know what is happening in the Children's Ministry. They will care about what happens in the Children's Ministry. They will become much more focused and committed when it comes to praying for the Children's Ministry!

The Children's Ministry can be, and should be some of the strongest supporters of a Grandparenting Ministry, because you all care about the same thing . . . passing on a heritage of faith to the children. As the grandparents in your church are engaged, consider asking them to be part of a Grandparent's Who Pray Team. Each week send them an updated prayer request list, so they can pray with focus and specifically for the things which are happening in the Children's Ministry as well as for the staff, volunteers and children in the Children's Ministry.

Can you imagine the impact on your Children's Ministry if you have committed, focused grandparents praying for you and the ministry? 

Get the grandparents praying . . . it will make a difference!

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