Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Equip Those Grandparents - Courageous Grandparenting

For the past two days I've shared books with you which you could use to equip the grandparents in your ministry, so they are able to pass on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren. These books could either be read by individual grandparents, or used in a Sunday school class or small group.

Today, I'm very happy to share another book with you which your grandparents could use; courageous grandparenting - unshakable faith in a broken world, by Cavin Harper.

courageous grandparenting - unshakable faith in a broken world
Author - Cavin Harper

Favorite Features -

  • Calls upon us to be courageous and intentional about passing on a heritage of faith.
  • Emphasizes how important it is for grandparents to be "spring-keepers" who are "on the job".
  • Love Chapter 6 and the four "handholds" - excellent!
  • I appreciate Chapter 7 and how it calls us to be "repristinators" (not a real word, but repristinate, is!) The idea is we, as grandparents, can help restore the culture back to what it once was and point people to God. We don't have to be overcome by the sin, filth in our world.
  • Excellent chapter on technology - how it can be used for good and how to be on guard for it as well - and one on how to avoid it's traps and set up solid boundaries.
  • Calls upon grandparents to be RAD - Resolute, Audacious, Deliberate Intentionality.
  • Challenges grandparents to leave a legacy which outlasts them.
  • Explains what a Living-Living Will is and how to set it up.
  • Walks grandparents through what it is to give a blessing to your grandchildren and how to do it.
  • Challenges grandfathers to be faithful.
  • Each chapter ends with, "food for thought and discussion" as well as, "action steps".
The Christian Grandparenting Network says; "Courageous Grandparenting is a call for grandparents and parents to rise above the conventional view of grandparenting to embrace radically courageous life which stands apart from the politically correct crowd. It’s a call to intentionality—not settling for simply being good parents and grandparents, but choosing to stand in the gap and live as conduits of grace and truth for the next generations. Cavin Harper appeals to the emerging masses of Boomer grandparents to create a movement of godly men and women resolved to not let another generation grow up on our watch that does not know the Lord or His amazing grace. There’s too much at stake if we don’t."

I highly recommend this book for individual reading and for groups to work through together. I especially appreciate the call it gives to us as grandparents to be, "spring-keepers", the challenge/encouragement to give blessings and the reminder to focus on telling our grandchildren about God and His love, so they will know, love and walk with Him.

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