Sunday, September 20, 2015

Grandparenting Ministry . . . How Do I Start?

Image result for clipart for resourcesI've been writing about Grandparenting Ministry and how equipping, engaging and encouraging grandparents in your ministry to pass on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren. Engaging grandparents is important and will impact the children in our ministries, because even if we have the most amazing Children's Ministry possible, we only actually connect with children, at best, about 208 hours in a year - which is about four hours a week. Since most children do not attend every week, this number is far less for the majority of children.

Grandparents can have a huge impact on the faith of their grandchildren, because they can speak to the children from a place the Children's Ministry can not. And while grandparents do not typically spend day-in-day-out time with their grandchildren; like parents do, they can have a relationship which gives them the opportunity to have great influence in the lives of their grandchildren.

When grandparents are engaged, equipped and encouraged to influence their grandchildren, the impact can be significant. So, this week I want to speak to the equipping portion of this "formula" and will be sharing with you some excellent resources with which you can equip the grandparents in your ministry.

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