Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Giveaway of Grandparenting Resources!

I've been writing a lot lately about how a strong Grandparenting Ministry benefits the Children's Ministry. One way you can help a Grandparenting Ministry is by helping grandparents find resources which will help them pass on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren. On my other blog, grandma's cookie jar, each November I give away a LOT of things (it is my Special Month of Christmas Giveaways) and this year I have two prize packages of resources for grandparents . . . today I'll let you know about one and tomorrow the other.

I'm very happy today to announce a special giveaway for grandparents . . . a gift pack which includes two books and a curriculum grandparents can use with their grandchildren to pass on a heritage of faith! I am the author of all of them and am delighted to include them in this year's Christmas giveaway!

It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren: and Other Important Facts for Grandparents and Parents, too!
Deeper In 4 Grandparents & Parents, Too! Praying the Scriptures for the Children You Love - Old Testament Edition
Science, the Bible & Fun!
Author - Lynda Freeman

Favorite Features -
    Science, the Bible & Fun!
  • Puts resources in the hands of grandparents which will help them pass on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren.
  • It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren is a book with fun stories about the cute things grandchildren say and do and ideas about how grandparents (and parents, too) can pass on a heritage of faith.
  • Deeper In 4 Grandparents & Parents, Too! includes 52 weeks of Scripture passages and personalized Scripture prayers to help grandparents (and parents, too) pray in a focused and intentional way for themselves and the children they love!
  • Science, the Bible & Fun! includes 52 weeks of science projects, games, crafts/cooking projects and activities to help grandparents (and parents, too) help the children they love learn to pray through the Psalms and learn about people in the Bible who chose to love, know and walk with God!
"Do you ever wonder if your grandchildren/children are, 'spoiled'? Well, take heart! In It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren, with humor and a generous sprinkling of joy, Lynda talks about why it is impossible to spoil grandchildren! She shares some of her, 'sweet grandson stories' along with insight from God's Word and encourages you to love them with great delight as you point them to Jesus and pass on a heritage of faith!

"When you look at the world around you, do you wonder how your grandchildren/children will possibly grow up to love, know and follow God with faithful hearts? There are so many things to deceive them and side-track or derail their walk with God. But, we do not have to wonder or worry. No! We can do something about it! We can pray and know God not only hears our prayers, but He listens and answers them as well! With Deeper In 4 Grandparents & Parents, Too! Praying the Scriptures for the Children You Love - Old Testament Edition, you will find 52 weeks of Scripture prayers which guide you in praying specifically for God's Word to be shown in your own life and the lives of the children you love! Each week begins with a new Scripture, personalized prayer and questions to consider. Then each day for the coming week, you will be able to pray a portion of the verse/prayer for yourself and your grandchildren /children. This focus on praying God's Word for yourself and your grandchildren /children will give you the opportunity to do something. Something which makes a difference. Pray!

"There is a growing move across the country, and even around the world, where grandparents are stepping up and taking seriously their responsibility and joy to pass on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren. But, in many cases grandparents are not sure what to do to engage their grandchildren, so they will learn how to love, know and walk with Jesus. If you are looking for a resource to help you do this, check out Science, the Bible & Fun! With Science, the Bible & Fun, you will be able to learn, laugh and have important conversations with your grandchildren as you learn how to love, know and walk with Jesus."

I am very happy to give away two Grandparenting Goodies Giftpacks - each includes one of each of the following - the book, It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildrenthe book, Deeper In 4 Grandparents & Parents, Too! and the digital curriculum, Science, the Bible & Fun! (USA only)! If you live in the USA, are over the age of 18 and would like to be included in this giveaway, which will be on November 13, 2015, please check this link for all the details about entering the giveaway!

While you are there, check all the other fun giveaways . . . feel free to enter the giveaways; who knows??? Maybe you will win!

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