Monday, October 19, 2015

Another "Bonus" to Children's Ministries from Strong Grandparenting Ministries

Image result for focus clipartA couple weeks ago I wrote about how a strong Grandparenting Ministry in a church benefits the Children's Ministry. Today I have another way this benefits the Children's Ministry . . . a strong Grandparenting Ministry, helps everyone keep the focus where it needs to be . . . helping children know, love and follow Jesus.

How does a strong Grandparenting Ministry help the Children's Ministry do this? Because grandparents know something parents - and younger people do not know. We know how very fast our grandchildren are growing up. We know the time is short. We know it matters what we do today, because we know the time is short . . . before we know it, the children will be grown up.

Since most children choose to follow Jesus before the age of 13 (according to the Barna group it is 43% of people who do this), it clearly matters what we do to evangelize children. Grandparents know how the time is short. We know it matters what we do now, because these children we love are growing up so fast.

So, when you have a strong Grandparenting Ministry in your church, you are more likely to have people who are focused on what matters; reaching children and doing so before they are grown up. When it comes to starting a Grandparenting Ministry, there are many excellent reasons to do so, but one very big reason is because a strong Grandparenting Ministry will help your Children's Ministry stay focused on what really matters.

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