Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dispatch Box #3 - 7 Family Ministry Essentials

Yes, INCM's Dispatch boxes provide great resources which you can put to use in your children's ministry, but it also provides resources to help you keep your children's ministry on-track. This is why in Box #3 you'll find 7 Family Ministry Essentials, because when it comes to Children's Ministry, it is easy to get distracted and side-tracked from what matters most. 

7 Family Ministry Essentials: A Strategy for Culture Change in Children's and Student Ministries
Authors - Michelle Anthony & Megan Marshman
Publisher - David C Cook

Favorite Features - 
  • Focuses on the seven essentials for effective ministry - Empowering families to take spiritual leadership in the home, Forming lifetime faith which transcends childhood beliefs, Teaching Scripture as the ultimate authority of truth, Understanding the role of the Holy Spirit's power to teach and transform, Engaging every generation in the gospel of God's redemptive story, Making God central in daily living and every biblical narrative, Working with the community to further God's will
  • Calls upon us to put our confidence in Jesus, not in our programs.
  • Ministry Assessment at the end of each chapter - excellent
David C Cook says; "With decades of ministry experience, Michelle Anthony and Megan Marshman capture the guiding essentials of life-changing family ministry. 7 Family Ministry Essentials will energize and equip you with the practical steps, inspirational stories, and biblical foundation you need as you lead those in your ministry."

I love how this book focuses on what matters the most and then outlines steps you can actually take to get there in your children's ministry! 7 Family Ministry Essentials absolutely is a must-read book for anyone in Children's Ministry, and happily . . . it is in Box #3!

If you do not already subscribe to INCM's Dispatch Boxes, take a moment to do so right now, you'll be so glad you did!

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