Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dispatch Box #3 Is Here!

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Yes! The new Dispatch Box arrived in my mail yesterday and I will be sharing with you, over the coming days, about some of the "goodies" I found in it. There are a couple things in it I'm especially happy to let you know about as I think they are truly excellent!

But today I just want to share with you an overview of the INCM Dispatch Volume Three and let you know what you will find in this box!

In case you are wondering what, "INCM" is and what a, "Dispatch Box" is, here is a little background information. INCM stands for the International Network of Children's Ministry and began, as they say as: "a dream shared by two local children's pastors in 1980 to gather and equip kidmin leaders has grown into a global movement connecting thousands of children's and family ministry leaders to expert training, vast resources, and passionate inspiration." 

INCM describes their, "Dispatch box" as; "Dispatch was created to answer the most common question from children's ministry leaders; 'Where do I find the best ideas?' With Dispatch, kidmin no longer need to search websites, scour Pinterest or raid the curriculum closet. We thoughtfully curate a selection of the latest ideas and products, assemble and ultimately deliver them in a quarterly box to children's and family ministry leaders everywhere."

Each Dispatch box (and this is box #3) includes a mini-magazine published by INCM which includes reviews, ideas and resources you can use along with the items in the box; today I'm focusing on this resource.

The first article is written by Brian Dollar and is about the book, "The Gospel Truth About Children's Ministry (which you will find in the box). Brian says; "Few books have impressed me this year more than 'The Gospel Truth About Children's Ministry' by Awana. This is more than a book, it's a manifesto. It's a call to return to the roots of what Children's Ministry is really all about . . . If you want a nice little bedtime story which will make you feel at peach about the world . . . DON'T read this book! If you want an in-your-face truth-telling coupled with practical solutions which will help you lead children in a Gospel-centered faith, then don't hesitate."  

I've read (and written about) The Gospel Truth About Children's Ministry and can absolutely say, just having this book in the "box" makes it worth it! It is a must-read for everyone in Children's Ministry.

The next article in the mini-magazine is a devotional on the life of Joseph which you could use with your Children's Ministry team. The Scripture in the devotional is taken from the International Children's Bible - which is also in the box!

Then you'll find an interview with Dr. Michelle Anthony and Megan Fate Marshman, the authors of the book, 7 Family Ministry Essentials - yes, it is also in the box!

Two complete books and a Bible, but there is still more in Dispatch Box #3! You'll find a CD with music from Growing in grace Children's Music Curriculum. What is this, you ask? Well, in the article in the mini-magazine they describe it in this way; "As children's ministers, you know the experiences you provide for infants and children shape their brains for life. Neuroscientists have discovered language and music are intertwined partners in the brain. Early musical experiences we provide for babies help them learn to talk, read and even make friends . . . Fostering spiritual development through the gift of music, Growing in Grace offers a faith-based, age-appropriate curriculum for preschool, younger and older children built on biblical truths and solid musical foundations. This curriculum engages and nurtures children while they sing, move and play."

All of these things are great . . . excellent resources to discover and use, but the next one is the one I'm most excited about! Compassion - the child support/care ministry we are all familiar with - has developed an amazing resource for families to use to help them, "step into the shoes of a family in Uganda through videos, biblically based teaching and hands-on activities, so they will be able to see God's bigger world and grow more grateful and generous." This kit is one I could talk about at length, but I'll save my review for tomorrow! However; I will say, this one resource makes the entire Dispatch Box #3 worth it, in my opinion!

There are additional resources in Dispatch Box #3 . . . including, 
  • Jonah comic
  • Strong in Me CD
  • Instant Bible Lessons for Toddlers
As you can see, there are a lot of wonderful, "goodies" in Dispatch Box #3 and I'm going to enjoy writing more about these over the coming week! Stay tuned!

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