Thursday, October 1, 2015

Engaged Grandparents = Committed Volunteers

Image result for clipart for volunteersAs I talk about Grandparenting Ministry, you may wonder how such ministry really connects with a Children's Ministry . . . well, today I want to talk about how engaged grandparents can make a huge difference in the Children's Ministry by being committed volunteers. 

The Children's Ministry can be, and should be some of the strongest supporters of a Grandparenting Ministry, because you all care about the same thing . . . passing on a heritage of faith to the children. As the grandparents in your church are engaged, they will see the value of the Children's Ministry and many of them will be willing to engage, "hands-on" in the Children's Ministry by being volunteers. They will see and understand how important it is to pass on a heritage of faith to children - their own grandchildren and the children in the church.

Can you imagine the impact on your Children's Ministry if you have committed, focused grandparents who value what you do and who are serving as volunteers in the Children's Ministry at your church? 

Get the grandparents engaged, and watch as many of them become willing to serve as volunteers . . . it will make a difference!

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