Saturday, October 17, 2015

I'm a Very Happy Grandma!

On my other blog - grandma's cookie jar - I wrote this morning about my grandson and the Action Bible - I thought I'd share it with you today, too!

My three sweet grandsons spent the night last night and this morning Josiah was looking for something to read. He is seven and thinks picture storybooks are really too easy for him (he reads at late second grade level). So, he looked around and found The Action Bible. (This Bible presents Bible events in comic book format.)

I'm very happy to see him interested in reading the Bible - The Action Bible is a great first Bible for children to read as with the pictures it is an easier thing for them to do. It is a great way for them to develop an interest in what God's Word has to say and as he has questions about things he reads, we look it up in my Bible to see what the actual full text Bible says.

Josiah read the Old Testament accounts through Abraham and then moved to the New Testament and is reading about the birth of Jesus. He plans to take it home with him and read something from it each day until he finishes it! I am so happy to see him interested in reading and excited about what he is learning. Many of the events he read about, he already knew, but to read for himself is something he is feeling pretty happy about.

And so is is grandma!

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