Saturday, October 10, 2015

Important Truths About Leading - Gossip is NEVER EVER Okay. Period.

Image result for clipart for no gossipOkay, I know I write about this from time to time, but I think it is something we need to be reminded of, often, because gossip is insidious. It is all too easy for a conversation to turn from being a good conversation to one where we are gossiping and gossip is ALWAYS damaging. We MUST have an absolute zero tolerance for gossip whether we are listening to others gossip, or have a problem with gossip among our volunteers or worse, we indulge in this evil ourselves. 

Consider the following . . .
  • If someone has a problem, or "concern", about another volunteer, then they need to go to them . . . not you. You need to be clear about this and never listen to one volunteer gossip about another. If they are not able to work their problems out themselves, then get both of them together at the same time so they can talk their problem out - you could be there to guide and give input, but do not let one person ever talk about another if the other is not there to give their "side" or perspective.
  • Be absolutely certain your volunteers know you have an absolute zero tolerance for gossip. If you become aware of volunteers who are gossiping, refer to the point above. Do not allow gossip to have a foothold in your ministry - it will destroy it.
  • NEVER, EVER gossip. Period. Gossip always destroys trust and hurts people in ways they may never get over. Do not EVER gossip about anyone. Period.
There is a lot more I could say about this, but all I need to say is gossip is evil. Don't ever gossip. Period.

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