Sunday, October 4, 2015

Today is the Final Day in the Adventure Bible Quest Game!

Today is the final day of the Adventure Bible Quest Game and so, at 5pm Eastern Time, I'll post the final clue and verse on my grandma's cookie jar blog ( The first person who correctly posts all seven references will receive . . . 
  1. Adventure Bible Book of Devotions, 365 daily devotions for children ages 9-12
  2. Adventure Bible Handbook, a fully illustrated graphic-novel style Bible resource for ages 9-12
  3. Adventure Bible for Little Ones, an Adventure Bible just for young children ages 2-4
  4. Adventure Bible for Early Readers (NIrV), a first full text, full featured Bible for children ages 5-10
  5. The original Adventure Bible (NIV), an interactive full text, full featured Bible for children ages 9-12
  6. And an Adventure Bible Backsack for children to take their Bibles on the go!
So, check back in at 5pm Eastern time - 4pm Central, 3pm Mountain and 2pm Pacific time - and write the seven references in the comments. Whoever is the first person to comment with all seven correct references - wins!

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