Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Thanksgiving Caution

Image result for clipart for thanksgiving cautionYou are likely similar to me; planning to enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving with family . . . and likely a tasty turkey. And, like me, you are likely to be able to point to a list of things for which you are thankful . . . whether you have much or not so much, you likely understand being thankful is not really about the number of "things" we have or the size of our bank account.

But, with all your celebrating and with all the talk at your church and in your Children's Ministry about being thankful, remember there are those who may not have a lot to be thankful for. Family, and meals with family, may not be times which bring them joy. Their families may not even be near, so Thanksgiving is just another time to miss people you love and feel lonely. There may not be a turkey dinner in their plans for Thursday. Thanksgiving may not be a time for celebrating. It may be a time to feel more acutely alone and in need.

So, keep your eyes open. Be alert. Be sensitive. Maybe there is a family in your church who you could invite to join your family for Thanksgiving. Maybe you can find people in your church who are willing to put Thanksgiving dinners together (if you have not done this yet) and take them to families in need in your church and community.

As you talk about what you are thankful for, be sure to focus on things which are not necessarily tangible. Whether we have much or little, God's blessings are in our lives; if we open our eyes we can see them. Encourage the children in your ministry to think about all the non-tangible things for which they can be thankful.

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