Saturday, November 14, 2015

No More "Canned" Thank-Yous

Image result for clipart for canned thank youGenuine thankfulness is not something which can really be, "faked". Oh, yes, we can smile and say thank you when we are around volunteers, but genuine thankfulness is more than just a smile and words spoken (although smiling and speaking words are an important part of showing thankfulness). But, if our, "thankfulness" stops at smiling and speaking words, at best, our thankfulness is shallow. If we are genuinely thankful it shows in every part of what we say and do. Consider the following -
  • If we are genuinely thankful our expressions of thankfulness will reflect the person and what they are doing/where they are serving. A "canned" thank you does not really feel genuine to the one who receives it. If a volunteer is willing to give of themselves and their time to serve, we should at least be willing to learn their name and find out exactly where they are serving/what they are doing. Granted, this is easier to do in a small church, but it is no less important in a large church. And really, how long does it take to ask someone what their name is and where they serve/what they do? Yes, it does take longer than just saying a "canned" thank you, but it is worth so much more than a "canned" thank you!
  • If we are too busy to say and show our thankfulness, we are too busy. Make no doubt about it, your volunteers are busy, too. They have jobs and families and other responsibilities and still make time to volunteer. What would you do if they said they were too busy to volunteer? Being genuinely thankful and showing it is something you can not be too busy to do. It is something you must make time for.
  • If we are genuinely thankful, expressing our thankfulness will be a natural part of what we say and do. We will notice what others do, we will be quick to say and show thankfulness. It will be as natural for us as breathing.
There is no excuse for not being genuinely thankful. None. Period. If we are too busy to be genuinely thankful; we are too busy. 

Be thankful. Be genuine. Be quick to express your thankfulness!

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