Friday, November 20, 2015

Thankful Challenge

I have as of late, become more focused on all the many ways God blesses me - big and small. He has been so generous to me! I have a family who I love with all my heart! I have opportunities to serve in ministry which I care very much about! I have His Word! He hears and answers my prayer!

These are just a few of God's many blessings. As I thought about them, I realized, I really have everything I need. No, I do not live in a huge, new, fancy house - my house is a small farmhouse which was actually built by my grandparents in the 1920's; my dad was born in this house and only my family has ever lived here! 

We have one car - and it is a used car (nice, but not new). I have a closet with more than enough clothes. I am not cold in the winter, because I have warm clothes to wear and a house with a furnace which works well. I have running water (since I live in the country, we have our own well) and no shortage of water. I have food in my freezer, refrigerator and pantry.

God has blessed me and I am very thankful.

So, this year for Christmas there isn't anything I really want. Thinking about this, I sent my family a message and said instead of buying a gift for me, I'd really like my family to give bunnies to families in need through WorldHelp, or ducks to families in need through World Vision or give my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons an opportunity to go do something together as a family (a special day at the zoo, or the Kalamazoo Air Zoo, a water park, etc.). Seeing families receive bunnies/ducks to help their families and/or my son's family do something special would really be the best gifts I can think of!

As you think about being thankful and Christmas, consider challenging families with the "Thankful Challenge" where they will give at least part of their gift budget to help families in need or to give a young family a special time for their family. After all, whether we have a lot or not, we all likely have what we need!

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