Monday, December 14, 2015

My Christmas Carol for Today - Christmas Carol of Love!

Image result for clipart for Christmas bellsToday's Christmas Carol is one with a simple message and one which is great fun to watch - and perform as a lip-sync . . . if you worked on this with the children in your ministry, you could have so much fun presenting it for your church . . . they would be certain to never forget it!

Check the lyrics here . . .

Every Christmas day, children sing on their way
Christmas Carols (Christmas Carols) of Perfect Love
As They sing Merrily, standing round the Christmas Tree
Christmas Carols (Christmas Carols) of Perfect Love

There's a Chris... (A Merry Chris...)
...tmas Carol of love (A Merry, Merry Christmas)
Spreading joy (This Christmas Carol)
from heaven above (from heaven above)
Angels sing (Just hear them singing)
Hear the bells ring (They are all ringing)
Christmas Carols (Christmas Carols) of Perfect Love

[Repeat Chorus until the song is to low to sing]

You'll find "Christmas Carol of Love" at this link and believe me, it is absolutely worth checking it out! It will put a smile on your face for sure! 

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