Monday, December 28, 2015

VBS Recruiting - Creativity!

If you have looked at VBS recruiting through a "view-finder" and with a "perspective" which sees possibilities instead of obstacles, then it is time to look at VBS recruiting with "creativity"! By this I mean, do the unexpected when you recruit, as this will get the attention of the people in your church!

When you think about recruiting, you can certainly go about it in a lot of ways, but if those ways do not get the attention of the people in your church, you are not likely to end up with a very big response. The reason for this is as follows . . . 
  • Recruiting = Getting Attention, so People Remember and Respond!
If people do not notice and remember you are recruiting, they can not respond. It is this simple; so, when you recruit you need to use creative ideas to get their attention, so they will remember and respond! Consider some of the following ideas . . . 
  • Match your recruiting to the theme of the VBS you decide to use. For example; if you are using a water related setting, hand out water bottles with tags which say, "Please be part of our VBS team this year and help us share Living Water with the children in our church and community!" 
  • Consider printing table tents which you personally hand to people and ask them to place on their table at home. Print specific things you want people to pray about - including volunteering and ask them to pray for the things you put on the table tent.
These are just a couple ways you can use "Creativity" to help you recruit for VBS 2016. What is the most creative way you have ever recruited for VBS?

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