Sunday, December 27, 2015

VBS Recruiting - Perspective

Stop and think for a minute. If someone asks you to do something, but then says they know you probably do not want to do it or nobody else wants to do it or you are their last "hope", are you very likely to want to be the one who says, "yes" when it sounds like everyone else has said, "no"? If the person asking you to help looks desperate, are you likely to wonder what is so horrible about this thing they are asking you to do?

So often when we approach recruiting for VBS - or any area of children's ministry - we do so with an "air" of desperation. We almost expect people to say, "no" and may even think there are "good reasons" for them to say, "no". If we approach recruiting with a negative "perspective", people are likely to notice and say, "no".

If, however; we approach recruiting with a positive "perspective", we are likely to experience a very different response! So, what is a "positive perspective", you ask? Consider the following . . . 
  • When you approach someone to ask them to serve, always have a smile on your face; look happy, NOT desperate!
  • Be ready to share positive reasons for serving
  • Ask current volunteers to share what they love about serving
  • Approach serving from the perspective the people you ask to serve will want to do so!
These are just a few things you can do to have a "positive perspective" . . . what do you do to approach recruiting with a "positive perspective"?

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