Sunday, January 24, 2016

Million Praying Grandparents - Sign Up & Spread the News!

One of the blessings I'm experiencing as part of the Legacy Coalition is the opportunity to get to know the other staff; such as Cavin Harper. Today I want to encourage you to get involved in a special opportunity to call grandparents to prayer which Cavin is focusing on through his ministry, the Christian Grandparenting Network.

Cavin is calling grandparents to be prayer warriors for their grandchildren and has a prayer campaign which I want to ask you to join . . . and encourage the grandparents in your church to do the same. Cavin describes, "Million Praying Grandparents" in the following way - 
Million Praying Grandparents (MPG) is a campaign mobilizing Christian grandparents worldwide to regularly and intentionally pray for their grandchildren, families, and the influences in their grandchildren’s lives. COMMIT TO BE ONE OF A MILLION PRAYING GRANDPARENTS A Prayer Warrior is a person willing to make the commitment to pray regularly for their grandchildren and families, and to continually grow in their understanding of how to pray effectively and unleash the power of prayer. For the sake of the hearts, minds and souls of your grandchildren, will you say, 'Yes! I will be one of a Million Praying Grandparents worldwide'?
You will find all the details, and space to sign up, at this link.

GDoP color transparent 330x243Just imagine the impact on the children, families and your church and community if the grandparents in your church committed to being part of the million praying grandparents! Too often we look at prayer as, "all we can do is pray" and talk and act like this means there is not very much we can do. However; praying is doing a LOT! Praying is asking God to step in and do what we can not do, because we know He is able to do ever so much more than we can even begin to imagine! Prayer brings those walls down and it moves our focus/view off of ourselves and our problems/difficulties/concerns and on to the One who not just hears our prayers, but who listens to and answers our prayers. Praying IS doing a lot!

So, before you do anything else today, follow the link and sign up to be one of the million praying grandparents. Then, email, talk with the grandparents you know, share this post and do whatever you can to spread the news . . . let's get more than a million praying grandparents! Let's get millions of praying grandparents and then stand back and watch what God will do!

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