Sunday, January 31, 2016

Some Questions to Consider

Image result for question markYesterday I asked if your ministry is, "in the box", or "out of the box" in your ministry in regards to if you have a "compartmentalized" ministry, or not. Today I want to consider a few questions to help you see if you are in or out of the box.
  1. Do you tend to function in your role with your focus entirely on the children?
  2. Do you focus on engaging parents, or is this something you do just a couple times a year?
  3. When you engage parents, is it more than a child dedication service or have more than a holiday focus?
  4. Do you engage grandparents?
  5. Do you collaborate with other areas of your church?
  6. Do you have an attitude which says you believe your Children's Ministry is the thing which will most impact children for Jesus?
Think about these questions; are you "out of the box", or is your ministry better characterized as a "compartmentalized" ministry. We will look more at this tomorrow.

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