Friday, January 22, 2016

Ten Ways Grandparenting Ministry Helps Your Children's Ministry

I have been writing all week about the Legacy Coalition and starting a Grandparenting Ministry in your church. Today I want to look at some ways a Grandparenting Ministry benefits the Children's Ministry in your church.
  1. Since Grandparenting Ministry benefits children, it benefits the Children's Ministry.
  2. Children who have grandparents who are focused and intentional about passing on a heritage of faith to them, are children who will understand God's Word and who will already have people who are challenging them to live God's Word in their lives.
  3. If the children in your ministry have made the choice to trust Jesus and are learning to live His Word in their lives, you will be able to do some pretty amazing things in your Children's Ministry - excellent service projects, mission projects and engage their family in more ways.
  4. Grandparents who are focused on passing on their faith to their grandchildren are going to be far more interested in what happens in the Children's Ministry.
  5. These grandparents will be some of your most faithful prayer warriors.
  6. Some of them will be willing to serve as volunteers in your Children's Ministry.
  7. If you have a Family Ministry, grandparents who are serious about passing on a heritage of faith will help strengthen your Family Ministry.
  8. Did I mention these grandparents will tend to be people who will be more willing to volunteer?
  9. Grandparents who are invested in the Children's Ministry provide you with a wealth of wisdom and experience and this will strengthen your Children's Ministry.
  10. Did I mention these grandparents will be some of your most faithful prayer warriors???
Yes, people serving in the Children's Ministry have lots to do, but getting behind and supporting Grandparenting Ministry will benefit your Children's Ministry as well!

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